Regional Strategy & Policy Development

PLANET Turkey assists governments at central and regional level in economic and social policy development in various sectors.

Elaboration of fully fledged smart specialization strategies constitutes the cornerstone of PLANET Turkey services, including operational planning and technical support for their implementation.

Services provided by PLANET Turkey include:

  • Analysis of the overall context and productive & operating environment, including regional economy and entrepreneurial dynamics, sectors and industries, export performance – potential & emerging technologies, human capital – innovation potential & skills for knowledge based development, key assets, relevant global influences. Trends & foresight, identification of the needs and economic & societal challenges. Governance and regional decision making structures.
  • Identification of practices to address weaknesses & threats, and exploit strengths & opportunities – SWOT, PESTLE, force field, scenario planning analyses. Definition of vision: major challenges, basic assumptions, feasibility. Competitiveness of the business ecosystem, consultation and selection of priority sectors. Entrepreneurial discovery, objectives and result indicators per priority sector. Elaboration of clear and concise strategy documents – consultations with stakeholders.
  • Elaboration of integrated operational plans: intervention logic / definition of policy mix, sources of funding from national or international sources and the private sector – overall budgeting, action planning, output indicators.
  • Introduction of monitoring mechanism and governance systems: governance of measurement and monitoring, monitoring system, best practices for gathering data and indicators – follow –up of implementation, progress and assessment reports. Integrated assessment and evaluation processes.
  • Capacity building and institutional strengthening to support the adoption of new policies/ strategies. Provision of continuous technical support to regional actors to actively advance, animate and coordinate the implementation of operational programmes and innovation processes.
  • Provision of technical support to the private sector to actively participate in the development process and/or be empowered to shift to a smart specialization strategy paradigm.

Planet Turkey’s presence is directly related to the history of PLANET S.A., the largest member of Planet Group, a privately owned company having as shareholders its top management and the National Bank of Greece, and being a leading consulting firm in South Eastern Europa and Eastern Mediterranean since 1987.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.