Programme, Project & Contract

Program, Project & Contract Management (PPCM) is the cornerstone and integrator of our engineering consulting services. As reflected in the range of Infrastructure Development Services, we manage projects (single or multiple/ concurrent) from initiation, planning, design, and procurement, through construction, commissioning, and closure. Besides, we offer consulting services that help our Clients improve their maturity and enhance their capabilities in PPCM (e.g. development of PM systems, procedures and tools, the establishment of PMO, training, etc.).

Program Management plays a significant role in ensuring that all Company’s or Programs’ projects are aligned with strategic vision and objectives and meet operational, cost, budget, and time-related targets. The program management services we offer mainly include:

  • Development of procedures, systems, and tools for Programme/ Portfolio Management, based on internationally accredited methodologies and industry best practices;
  • Design and establishment of a Programme Management Office (PMO) or/and an Enterprise PMO;
  • Staffing and operation of a PMO;
  • Program planning, including the establishment of performance indicators;
  • Program risk assessment and management;
  • Program monitoring and reporting;
  • Program evaluation and revision.

Apart from the important role of Project Management in ensuring successful project implementation (i.e. completing projects on scope, on time, on budget, and with the desired quality), building a strong project management discipline has recently become a high priority for companies. Implementation of proper project management practices across organizations catalyzes the creation of a strategic value chain and further enhances competitive advantages. The project management services we offer mainly include:

  • Development of procedures, systems, and tools for Project Management based on internationally recognized methodologies and industry best practices;
  • Training in project management;
  • Design and establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO);
  • Staffing and operation of a PMO;
  • Project Scheduling and Tracking;
  • Resource Planning and Management;
  • Cost Planning and Control;
  • Establishment and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting;
  • Quality Management;
  • Acceptance Management;
  • Issue & Risk Management;
  • Change Management;
  • Stakeholders & Communication Management.

As the majority of projects are implemented through the award of respective contracts by the owners or beneficiaries to external economic operators, the process of Contract Management is crucial for making the most value from each procurement, ensuring that the project is properly supervised from a technical and administrative point of view and that the contract is properly and timely executed. Contract management services are usually offered as accompanying services to procurement and project management consulting. The services we offer mainly include:

  • Monitoring of contractor’s performance against his contractual obligations;
  • Support of the acceptance/ approval process of reports and deliverables;
  • Management reporting for contract implementation status;
  • Handling of change requests and support in contract modifications;
  • Assistance in claims management;
  • Inspection of invoices and supervision of payments procedure;
  • Management of contract documentation;
  • Support of the dispute resolution process;
  • Support of the contract closure process.

Planet Turkey’s presence is directly related to the history of PLANET S.A., the largest member of Planet Group, a privately owned company having as shareholders its top management and the National Bank of Greece, and being a leading consulting firm in South Eastern Europa and Eastern Mediterranean since 1987.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.