Co-funded Private Investments Screening

These services address the needs of private enterprises to plan their investment strategy and gain access to EU funding sources for implementing projects necessary to improve their competitiveness and ensure their viability. Towards this end, PLANET Turkey provides consulting services to both investors and financial institutions involved in such processes.

Specifically, services addressed to Investors include:

Project Definition and Funding

  • Investment project structuring
  • Analysis of funding sources (grants, equity, loans) and opportunities
  • Feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis

Project Planning

  • Investment project detailed planning
  • Project Management structure
  • Procurement strategy
  • Application for Funding

Project Management

  • Project monitoring and control
  • Project management and reporting
  • Delivery of turn-key solutions

Upon client’s request PLANET Turkey can readily undertake the responsibility to run the day-to-day management of the project until completion, enabling the project owner to concentrate on the core issues of the investment.
In addition, PLANET Turkey provides services to Public or Private Bodies acting as Managing Authorities or Financial Engineering Instruments (e.g. Venture Capital Funds, Guarantee Funds and Loan Funds), which support financing to enterprises in the form of grants or repayable assistance. Such services include:

Project Identification

  • Awareness campaigns and promotional activities
  • Establishment and operation of helpdesk for potential investors
  • Investment pre-assessment

Project Proposal Evaluation

  • Eligibility compliance
  • Project maturity assessment
  • Control of the fairness of investment and operating expenditure and expected revenues

Project Implementation Monitoring

  • Implementation monitoring and control
  • Administrative and on-the-spot checks
  • Investment close-out.

Planet Turkey’s presence is directly related to the history of PLANET S.A., the largest member of Planet Group, a privately owned company having as shareholders its top management and the National Bank of Greece, and being a leading consulting firm in South Eastern Europa and Eastern Mediterranean since 1987.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.