Technical Knowledge Based Trainings

Planet Turkey offers a broad range of technical knowledge based trainings, indicatively covering the following subject areas:

Business Management

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Human Resources Management
  • Change Management

Information & Communication Technologies

  • IT Governance
  • IT Service Management
  • Information Security Management

Project & Contract Management

  • Preparing for the PMP & CAMP Certification Examination
  • Management and the Organization: The concept of the PMO
  • Project Planning with WBS
  • Contract Management

Financing Projects

  • Winning and Implementing PPP Projects
  • Project Finance

Planet Turkey’s presence is directly related to the history of PLANET S.A., the largest member of Planet Group, a privately owned company having as shareholders its top management and the National Bank of Greece, and being a leading consulting firm in South Eastern Europa and Eastern Mediterranean since 1987.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by PLANET TURKEY. All rights reserved.